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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 3, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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spite san francisco's recent budget cuts and route cuts on muni tomorrow the muni operators will receive a nearly 6 percent wage increase all because many operators have a special provision in the city's charter which guarantees wages no less than the average of the two comparable transit agencies in the nation as kron 4 kate thompson reports this makes me operators among the highest in the nation. . san francisco residents are getting less service. final approval was given on tuesday for the pay hikes muni drivers will setup a go from $27.91 an hour, to
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$29.52 an hour plus it will be paid retroactively from july 1st. on the same day drivers razors were approved the city announced a town $15 million to restore half of the service cuts made in may. the drivers union has refused to take a pay cut so the city cut service on public transportation 10% leading to longer waits and more crowded buses. the drivers raises will cost the city about $14 million a year less the city also needs to come up with another $7 million to restore the rest of the service that was cut. reporting from san francisco to thompson kron 4 news. the two agencies muni bases its salaries are this and clara valley transit and boston. santa clara transit of raising $20.86 an hour, boston offered me $30.18 an hour. all what producer kimberly sakamoto has been keeping an eye on all the comments about the muni pay raise. the move on our face book
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fan page is that of frustration and an anchor. first off from dallas he writes rewarding operators for bad attitudes and bad service. i can't wait to vote for the muni initiative in november. nick leftist this one. let's reward mediocrity this is a true recipe for success. see how well it's working out?. antonio let me get this straight muni drivers reject millions in concessions but vowed to take an additional 6% more when they're already cuts in service and drivers are still not on time. this is pure lunacy these operators are entitled to the race, visit 61 percent of new roads will be restored on september the force that includes munis late night at will service, the light rail service and muni also plans to return more buses to its we can route. in the meantime, the ec
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transit dispute continues in the state just one day after judge sided with union-ac transit driver is another 150 drivers called in sick for work appeared as kron 4 if to confirm tells us the impact of the judge's ruling should begin to take effect in a few days. in oakland ac transit buses continue to roll however, very little has changes since yesterday's court ruling. court ruled ac transit had to restore the old union contract and the old schedules for those who drive the buses. ac transit says it has until august 10th to likely the old driver schedule will going to affect as early as sunday. make that happen and it will do whatever it takes so it does happen. in the meantime, the company says once it goes back to the old contract ac transit may lose $5000 a week. ultimately that could lead to service cuts and layoffs but they said that won't happen at least for six weeks and possibly several months. in oakland dan curman kron 4 news.
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ac transit riders say things are getting better and when they're still delays and mistrals a period, the read the story was fined i notice maybe one or two buses running a little late but nothing major. yesterday a pompous popular problem a lot of bosses were laid and drivers not showing up so little inconvenient lot of times the thing they're hurting compaq the management but really and factor hurting the people who ride the bus every day to get to work. union leaders say they're still willing to make concessions but they won't talk specifics they say bill do that at the bargaining table. the department of justice has indicted 11 people were selling fake designer purses and wallets and to reach all at fisherman's wharf and all the suspects face more than 30 years in prison. reggie tells us this is the largest counterfeit merchandise trafficking ring ever uncovered on the west coast. on february
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10th u.s. immigration and customs of the person known as the base rate of eight shops and businesses at fisherman's wharf in san francisco. i saw officers confiscated a designer but handbags, coach purses and other name-brand merchandise. all of which were made in china and sold to taurus for rock-bottom prices. ice director john tells us there investigation started over two years ago our colleagues a custom in border protection noted a suspicious shipping container in the port of oakland. when we open to the shipping container there were 50,000 counterfeit items being shipped under false shipping invoices and documents to see and k which is the store on fisherman's wharf. they are largely people of chinese nationality who either naturalized to were here on lawfully, two more were here lawfully. ultimately seized nearly 230,000 individual
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counterfeit items representing 70 different manufacturers both foreign and domestic. he was attorney says this type of large-scale counterfeit merchandise traffic ring affects our country's economy in a big way. the honest retailers were trying to sell quality goods, and showcase those. then you of the knock off artists who are paying no taxes, running shlock operations and seemingly getting away with it. in san francisco reggie kron 4 news. fog sticking along coasts this afternoon temperatures on the cooler side >> >> mostly in the '70s ever rose a couple '80s fremont to and loss goddess at 81 degrees. take a look at our headlines for this evening. fog and the coastline will push back into the will of
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dense fog and drizzle along the coast. tomorrow stronger sea breeze winds will cooler temperatures down ever going to see cooler conditions for the rest the week. will take a look of your extended forecast coming up a bit >> i live look a traffic of the top your screen this is an san francisco the james link to avoid the traffic headed for the bay bridge is creeping along. the bottom of your screen southbound traffic moving a little bit better but it's also slow. will also be back much more news ahead. with high-speed internet from at&t,
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debt-ridden mexicana airlines mexico's it clear to fill air carrier has filed for bankruptcy protection after the company failed to reach a new labor agreement with the pilots and flight attendants. yesterday the airline cancelled several flight to including flights in and out of the bay area. kron 4 jeff bush went to the airport where there's no shortage of frustrated passengers. >> the back lot of people can be seen at the ticket counter. some waited for hours to get things
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straightened out jill sanders is trying get to mexico for work. >> yesterday canceled the flight showed up the flight was canceled no explanation so much travel agencies for my work rescheduled for today at a direct flight to the game my seat away. being rerouted to mexico city and then into guadalajara. quite an ordeal. a >> airport officials say yes to his cancellations are having ripple effect and our challenges getting everyone taking care of. >> been tough the flights coming in a san jose are very full there's not a lot of extra capacity. mexicana will have to work with her way through those reebok in this. >> it's a difficult as any to be there yesterday to proper customer meeting it's been a struggle. >> the report said mexicana has given flight schedules for the rest the month. the airline has cancelled two flights a week off to but mexicana says the plant's operating normally throughout the bankruptcy process. san jose kron 4 news. >> one bit of positive news for
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bay area travelers southwest airlines is launching its own inner bird service between san jose and austin texas. starting november off the flights will connect to the country's high- tech cops alaska also operates the same route but american canceled its san jose austin service last year appeared oakland airport is joining a growing number of airports around the country which used body scanning technology. this is video from this morning at oakland international airport here for a start using its first unit today in terminal one carried passengers have the option of accepting or declining the bodies can cure those who declined us what for traditional metal detector and submit to pat down. >> a look at our 7 day forecast cooler conditions expected through the rest of the week. it's going to warm up slightly into the weekend but still stay below average. willful forecast for you in a few minutes.
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justin to the kron 4 news room in an apparent explosion in an underground electrical voltage caused a power outage that affected thousands of customers and san jose kurri piccinni ordered it to 17 this afternoon and caused by a cable failure in a bold trade now callers who called the san jose fire department say they felt the ground shake if you can imagine. they also said they saw flames coming from an old stuff but responding firefighters didn't see anything by the time they got there. if there is no damage or injuries and we can tell you piccinni sent to repair crew and everybody but 24 customers have power once again. live in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> as the city of san jose delays of dozens of firefighters. a new fire chief is taking over william macdonald gets the top job as the city faces budget and staff cuts. mcdonnell to comes from scottsdale arizona says he plans and tearing out what's
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called a dynamic deployment to move resources were there needed the most. mcdonald is convinced of the department can offer good public protection, and lower far response time pill. >> we really would like to avoid laying anybody off, i see has something that we may or should of been able to find if a place for them should of been able to do that the deployment will continue to refine that and find ways to make it work better. i think people should expect the same level commitment that they've always had. the firefighters' union will sit down with the city on wednesday to try and find an agreement closer to the 10 percent cut in pay and benefits that the city wants. new details tonight the long-awaited decision in the proposition 8 same-sex marriage case is just a day away the u.s. district court said the ruling
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will be announced tomorrow appeared to same-sex couples sued to overturn the voters approved ban on same-sex marriage saying it violates the constitution. turning now to decision 2010 coverage meg whitman has spent nearly $100 million in her quest to become california's governor. during the six week period which ended on june 30th as she raised about $3.3 million from outside sources. this we'll opponent democrat jerry brown raised slightly more than 2.6 million. her campaign has about $10.3 million in the bank while brown says he is $23 million of the bank. he is only spend 131,000 during that six week period when it wouldn't whitman said she spent $20 million during that period california's campaign watchdog agency is considering how regulate political appeals to voters that come in through tweet us or a status update as well as a campaign flier cheered
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a report by the fair political commission just release said paid advertising on the internet should be subject to the same disclosure rules as political ads that voters in tv. that will be considered on a meeting on august 12th. >> a live look good side over downtown san francisco for more rubicam. sunny skies this afternoon the fog is clinging to the coast line. tonight the fog will push back into the bay, about 9:00 it will make its way that direction cheered fog and the fog will scale back so will be along the coast in the bay shores. into the afternoon the fog will cling to the coastline but sunny skies over, the bay area pure temperatures will cool down banks to stronger sea breeze wind spirit will take a look at those temperatures in just a moment. fog tracker for tomorrow morning push of fog stretching and your inland valleys by 6:00 already tried a
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scaled-back the south bay will have clear skies by this hour. san rafael temperatures will be just a little cooler later on in the morning fog elin back to the coastline hovering over san francisco pure the coastline going to stay shrouded in fog over the next several days. a look at our high temperatures for tomorrow the to nine half moon bay, 60 and san francisco appeared temperatures in the 90 degrees rate now tomorrow 79 in concord in the low 80's for inland spots. 69 silver fall, 74 napa and 74 san jose occurred 5 to 10 degrees cooler tomorrow and additional cooling on thursday temperatures will get closer the end the week. over the weekend will see a little bit of warming there really are temperatures are going to stay well below average for this time of year. >> bp engineers have started what they called their best hope the gulf oil spill. you are looking as the crews begin pumping heavy
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mud into the runaway well. >> high drama in the deep seas today. >> static killed. >> static killed. >> this is the peace plan to attract heavy money into the well. it will be pumped into the field blowout preventer to seal off the leak from the top. it's needed the money will be followed by cement. at the same time the company is continuing with two relief wells pure the first was started just 12 days after the initial explosion back in april. it is now within a few days of reaching the wild. it will be used to inject mud in some men from below. the federal official overseeing bp said he will decide when the well is truly captive. >> there should be no ambiguity about that on the national commander in this house going to be. pete >> he said it may take days before engineers will be will determine if the static kill is
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working. wildfires >> and russia are not only still love controlled there's no fear there are not enough firefighters to handle them. this was the scene today this is happening in western russia where there are nearly 250 separate fires of this point. 40 people have been killed, 2000 homes have been destroyed cure the fires also destroyed part of the military base near moscow. tens of thousands of troops and volunteers are trying to help the 10,000 firefighters puritan past to stan floodwaters a surgeon to the country's heartland swallow dozens of villages today pier that polls a week of destruction that is already ravaged the northwest and killed 1500 people. if a lot of the crops are being destroyed and that the un said today nearly 2 million people will have to be fed in coming weeks. china is struggling still severe flooding the country's worst flooding in a decade nearly a thousand people have died. one of the new concerns garbage
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clogging rivers. it blocks the gates of the three dams hundreds of people are missing in the damage estimates are running in the tens of billions. >> live the good side a traffic the 680-24 exchange the headlights' northbound the traffic is getting sluggish in both directions there appeared a lot more news coming up on kron 4 news stay with us. activia is better than ever!
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time now for tech talk with gabe slate and new blackberry on the scene it's just been unveiled its the blackberry torch carried its the first black barry to see direct touch screen and a slidell physical keyboard. blackberry has held the lead a form of choice for business people but the i phone and andrew google phone have been slowly chipping away at their stronghold carried the torch is similar to the i phone and built to be young socially connected demographic in mind. " short cuts to social networking like twitter and facebook carried an
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easy-to-use web browser like interface. i really liked the feel of the phone it was light and small. i like having the choice of touch screen or a real physical keyboard. think this will be big i can see people one of blackberry like i phone ending up with this device to the downside is only features the five nitpicks old camera the new interest phones are being made with eight make a pick sold to the torch does not record video age he or the new or i phone is an android phones do pure the torch run on the at&t network and hits the market august 12th it will cost $200 with a two-year contract. kron 4 news. this is a live picture from east palo also one of many bay area communities planning activities for tonights for national might go. among the activities in palo alto is a parade there also set up a person cooking looks like a barbeque going on. will be checking back with a lot more news on national night out in the bay area just ahead.
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